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Ta-1, Kawaminami-machi, Kaga City, Ishikawa, Japan

Category: Japanese confectionery
Product Name: Nene-Manjuu
Raw Materials: red beans, sugar, wheat flour, reduced water candy, brown sugar (including molasses sugar), miso (derived from soybeans), agar, salt, expansion agent

Best-Before Date: It was about a week when it arrived.

Founded in 1887


In 2015, when the Hokuriku Shinkansen was opened, I heard that there is a "Nene-Manjuu" in Yamanaka Onsen in Ishikawa prefecture. Daughters and daughters are said to be pronounced "nya-nya-nya", which means "daughter" in the Kaga language. In Yamanaka Onsen, there are Nene-Manjuu signs all over the place, and everyone can't help but buy them.

Well, it's a bun with a name that usually arouses people's interest, but how is the taste...

As soon as we opened the small bun, the smell of brown sugar was too close to our nose... The inside of the chanban cut into two pieces was filled with dark red bean paste. I tried it and, well, it's very good. The sweetness is moderate and the rich red bean paste gives it a deep flavor. Yes, compared to the buns I have eaten before, it is similar to the thin skin buns in Koriyama. The rest is just a casual accent of the occasional faint miso flavor.

Inside the box, there are four rows of three packs of three. There was probably a hint of "please eat one pack per person", but I stopped at two pieces (for the sake of body ecology). The rest are wrapped in plastic, one by one in the pack, which is probably the reason why they last so long. The steamed bun which is suitable for everyone and is sure to be safe, the aftertaste is also refreshing.
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