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Category: Japanese fresh confectionery
Product Name: Onigawara-Monaka
Raw Materials: red beans, agar, sugar, glutinous rice

There's black bean jam and white bean jam.


Dazaifu's specialty, "Onigawara-Monaka," is said to have been made by imitating the onigawara that came out of the ruins of Dazaifu's government office. Well, I guess it's a good luck charm, a candy to ward off bad luck...

By the way, onigawara is said to be the tile that decorates the corner of kawara-roof, not necessarily because it is shaped like an ogre. When you hear the word "onigawara" again, it makes you want to go to a shrine, a Buddhist temple, or a mansion with a tiled roof and take a good look at it, doesn't it?

On a different note, Naka is a Japanese wagashi, the skin of which is kneaded with glutinous rice flour, spread thinly and baked on both sides. Apparently, baking it from both sides gives it this "fluffy" feeling. By the way, the skin of the middle of the middle seems to fly away with the wind.

The "Onigawara-Monaka", which is about a little smaller than the "Secken", was in the shape of a demon's mask, which was probably the only one I could think of. Unfortunately, however, the unevenness of the demon's mask is somewhat indented by the shock during transportation. When I looked at it from the side, I found that the middle of the middle was not wrapped with the skin, but only sandwiched in the skin. So, when I tried it, I found that it was the middle of the mountain. That's all I can say...

Why? The medium is good. The perfect balance between the crust and the red bean paste inside, and the understated sweetness, is a wonderful Japanese wagashi here. The ingredients are almost the same as the "anko mochi", but how could they have changed and evolved so much? Well, the peculiar flavor of the middle is the same as any other middle, but this "Onigawara-Monaka" seems to be especially delicious in its skin. Alright, I'm done warding off evil this year.
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