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Peanuts Monaka
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Maker: YONEYA Co., Ltd.
500 Kamicho, Narita City, Chiba, Japan

Category: Monaka
Product Name: Peanuts Monaka
Raw Materials: Sugar, white bean paste, starch syrup, peanuts, red bean paste, glutinous rice, trehalose, reduced starch syrup, agar, chlorella, bleaching agent (sulfite)

Best-Before Date: Two and a half weeks from today

Peanuts Monaka

Recently, Peanuts Monaka, a mixture of peanuts, a specialty of Chiba Prefecture, has become popular, and I have to admit, I've never had a good experience with sweets based on a specialty. However, I was somehow drawn to this unique package and thought I'd try it. Maybe I'm just not good with looks. No, I can't be the only one.

The box of Peanuts Monaka that arrived was much bigger and thicker than the image I saw in the photo, and it was as big as two thin tissue boxes. When I opened the box, I found a bag of peanut-shaped monarchs, and the whole thing was very heavy. When I opened the bag and took off the skin of the Monaka, I found a brown, translucent white bean jam with some red beans inside.

When I tried it, I thought, "Wow, this is delicious. The refined Ann and the Monarch crust combine perfectly to give it a unique Monarch flavor. The peanut flavor, which I couldn't feel at first, began to show its character later on. Yeah, it's a really tasty Monaka, not just some random souvenir Monaka. Yeah, that's good.

By the way, the "Pee-chan" on the clear bag is said to be holding a four-leaf clover on rare occasions, and this time there were two of them in the 12-piece package.
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