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Co., Ltd. Kashimaya
8-1367, Higashiborimaedori, Chuo-ku, Niigata City, Niigata, Japan

Category: Untied grilled salmon
Raw Materials: king salmon, salt, rice shochu, soy sauce, (wheat and soybeans are included in some of the ingredients)
Salt content: Approximately 3.4g per 100g of product

Origin of raw fish: Canada, Russia, New Zealand, USA (King Salmon)

Best-Before Date: About 3 weeks
To be refrigerated (below 5°C)


Everyone, have you ever had a real "Sake-Chazuke"?

My "Sake-Chazuke-ke" was the one that came in a yellow Nagayaen bag with ochazuke sauce, but one day I came across a real "Sake-Chazuke-ke" that you can eat just by grilling the salted salmon, putting the skin on the rice, and pouring hot water over it. Oh, yes, the secret is to put the burnt skin on it too. The saltiness of the salmon is also important, though.

One day, I bought a bottle of "Sake-Chazuke" in Niigata. It can be used as a side dish for rice, or it is also delicious as ochazuke. By the way, the price is pretty good too.

When I opened the bottle of "Sake-Chazuke", I found that the inside had a normal texture of roasted salmon and the smell of roasted salmon was also normal. Since it says "Sake-Chazuke", I wondered if there are any instructions on how to make it, but there were no instructions. When I poured hot water over the rice, I found that the amount of salmon on the rice was poor. It's my fault, but...

And when I went out on a limb and put a moderate amount on top of it, I thought, "Huh? This is a fairly lightly seasoned Sake-Chazuke, isn't it? Anyway, the salty taste is thin and it is not good enough for this, it is not salmon. I put some pickled plums in there to increase the salt content, and finally settled down to a place where I could settle down.

The next day, I tried it just by putting it on hot rice, and yes, it was really good. I think this is the kind of product that has become less salty with time, and only the name "Sake-Chazuke" remains. Well, maybe this is better because I can adjust the salt content by myself. But the difficulty is that if you use less salt, it won't last as long.

Later, when I was walking through the supermarket, I found that they were selling salmon flakes, salmon shrimp and other similar products. When I took it in my hand, I felt that the supermarket's was quite dry and had a different color and was harder. I wonder if Kashimaya's is different after all.
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