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Seki Horse Mackerel (Ekiben)
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Category: Japanese box lunch
Product Name: Seki Horse Mackerel(Japanese Seki-Aji)
Raw Materials: Vinegared rice, Seki Aji no Jime, Oboro Kombu, Soy sauce, Wasabi (book, western), Sweet and sour ginger, Glycine, Gelatin, Preservative (polylysine), Seasoning (amino acid), Na acetate (wheat included in some of the ingredients)

Seki Horse Mackerel

"Seki" means Saganoseki Town in Oita Prefecture, and the horse mackerel caught in the Bungo Channel off the coast of this town is called Seki Horse Mackerel. The Kuroshio Current of the Pacific Ocean and the Seto Inland Sea tide collide in this rare spot, and in addition, the sea suddenly narrows due to the protrusion of land, making the tide flow faster. It is said that the fish grown in this area has stronger muscles and larger, leaner flesh, which makes it very tasty.

The area is famous not only for horse mackerel, but also for mackerel. This is what is known as "Seki Mackerel Seki Horse Mackerel," as it should be. But even if you wanted to, it's hard to eat it.

One day I thought that I would never see her again. Here it is, the Seki Horse Mackerel of ekiben. Hmmm, that's pretty expensive!

When I opened the box, the striped pattern was stunning. Yes, it's wrapped in kelp. When I dipped it in the included dark soy sauce and took a sip, I found out that it was vinegar rice. Well, it's similar to shimeji mackerel sushi. The most important horse mackerel is on the top of the rice and also in the middle of the rice. Hmmm, no matter how many of them I eat, I can't help but think of them as dwarf mackerel. You're not mistaking a horse mackerel for a mackerel, are you? I'm not sure what to do with it. However, we don't have the skin of mackerel, so it must be horse mackerel.

No, that's what I'm saying, but it's pretty good. But I didn't understand the flavor of the horse mackerel!
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