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Senmai-Zuke (Kyoto's)
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Category: pickled in salt (thinly sliced)
Product Name: Senmai-Zuke
Raw Materials: Turnips, kelp, chili peppers, pickled ingredients [salt, vinegar, mirin, sugar (sugar, liquid sugar, isomerized liquid sugar), alcohol], seasonings (amino acids, etc.), acidifiers


Senmai-Zuke is unexpectedly popular pickle, so if you have been alive for a long time, you have probably eaten it at least once. He probably had some small breakthroughs in the past. And when I looked closely at it, I thought, "What an elaborate pickle. It's so thin that you can't cut it with a knife, and it's also pure white and has a delicate flavor.

By the way, Senmai-Zuke is made by shaving Shogoin turnips from Kyoto's Tanba region with a canna, and then carefully soaking them in a subtle way (salt) and then top-soaking them (kelp, lime sugar and vinegar). It looks simple, though.

The package consists of about 10 Senmai-Zuke sheets, slightly displaced at an angle, in a clear plastic bag. Hmmm, pretty neat.

I tried a thin white Senmai-Zuke, and it tasted like a turnip. There's also a sourness, which is a flavor not found in salted food. Well, it doesn't have such a strong personality, but it's light and tasty. Hmmm, after all, pickles go well with rice. The pickles are the taste of Japan, and this alone makes the rice go well.

Hmmm... If I tried to make the best use of this turnip's size and appearance, and at the same time bring out the flavor of pickled turnip, it would have been thinner like this. Or was it the elegant culture of Kyoto that did this? The turnip pickles in other places tend to be rongo-rongo.
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