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The Taste of Hiroshima Shamoji-Kakimeshi
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Hiroshima-Bento Co., Ltd.
1-2, Yaga 5-chome, Higashi-ku, Hiroshima City, Hiroshima, Japan
Product Name: Shamoji-Kakimeshi

Category: Japanese box lunch
Raw Materials: oyster rice, simmered oysters, fried oysters, boiled jako, oyster with miso, pickled cabbage, egg, vinegar ginger, boiled carrot, lemon, green seaweed, assorted ingredients, seasoning (amino acids, etc.), sweetener (licorice, stevia), acidifier, coloring (caramel, carotene, vegetable color), ..

Seasonal Limit: Mid-September - March


Oysters are one of Hiroshima's specialties. This is probably because Hiroshima Bay, with its many rivers and mountains that carry nutrients, is particularly suitable for growing oysters. Speaking of which, the Seto Inland Sea, including Hiroshima Bay, looks like a sea on a national map, but when you actually go there, you will be amazed at the sheer number of islands. I think it would be easier to understand if I gave it a name like Setouchi Islands or something like that...

The container of this lunch box is shaped like the famous shamoji in Miyajima-zaiku, and if you look closely, it's quite a stylish container, isn't it?

When I opened the box, I found a large red bowl in the shape of a shamoji. And when you open the red lid, you'll find a world of oysters with simmered oysters, oyster rice, fried oysters, miso flavored oysters, etc. Yes, it looks pretty tasty, and it's good!

Well, for the time being, I tried the oyster stew on top of it, mmm, this is delicious. It's a good taste. The oyster rice is also good, and the jako as a side dish is also good. In addition, the oyster with miso is quite good. Hmmm, this is a station bento that lives up to the name of its specialty. This is an excellent dish that I want to repeat, sometimes I remember it and want to eat it. A hit after a long time, there is a delicious thing in the specialty. It's the first time I've eaten oyster simmered oysters and oyster rice.
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