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Category: fresh confectionery
Product Name: Shinko-Mochi
Raw Materials: jyo-shin flour, sugar, red bean paste, enzyme

Best-Before Date: Four days at the time of delivery.
How to Store: Below 10°C in the summer.
100% Koshihikari produced in Uonuma.


Shinko-Mochi is a specialty of Matsunoyama Onsen in Niigata. A small, pure white rice cake, slightly elongated and filled with koshi-an (sweet red bean paste), which looks like something you'd often see. This rice cake is produced and sold in Matsunoyama Onsen by Kojimaya Confectionery Store, Marutaka and Juichiya Shoten. However, it seems to be popular, and is often sold outside of this hot spring resort, and has many fans.

According to the legend of "The History of Shinko Mochi,
  • The one rice cake left over was eaten by the one who didn't speak to the end.
  • The couple is silent when the thief comes in the middle of the night, but the wife finally raises her voice when she is about to be abused.
  • After the thief ran away, her husband ate the rice cake flatly, saying, "The rice cake is mine.
A story called The Wakayama Prefecture folktale "Danmari Kurabe" is also similar to this story, isn't it?

When I unwrapped it, I found a pure white rice cake wrapped in a sutra tree (a thin tree bark) and wrapped in a bamboo leaf (this one is made of vinyl). By the way, the sutra wood smells good~. If you take one, the elastic texture of the rice cake is pleasant, not too soft and not too hard, and the sweetness of the sweet bean paste inside is just right. I can't believe this rice cake is made from Kamishin-flour (rice flour from regular rice), it's so chewy and has a different crunch than mochi rice. And it's a wonder it doesn't become hard even when it's in the fridge.

At first glance, you might think that it's just a regular, delicious rice cake, but if you compare it with other rice cakes, you'll see the difference. I feel like I eat a lot of them, but I have three of them anyway.
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