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1-2 Ta, Udani-machi, Kaga City, Ishikawa, Japan

Category: Mochi filled with bean jam
Raw Materials: Red bean paste, starch syrup, rice cake flour, sugar, trehalose, salt, gelator (pectin), emulsifier (from milk), PH adjuster

Best-Before Date: It was a month and a half later.


Shofuku-Mochi is an ankoro mochi which looks like Akafuku, the Ise specialty. Apparently, the Japanese sweets with Habutae-Mochi and red bean paste are called Shofuku-Mochi in this area. The name is so good, it might be a wagashi that every sweets shop wants to make.

By the way, the name Shofuku-Mochi seems to exist all over the country (it has been copied), so I have to call this one Kaga-Shofuku-Mochi in order to distinguish it.

When I opened the box, there were small Shofuku-Mochis lined up one by one on a white palette. When I took it out, it was wrapped with koshi-an and there was a clear starchy double mochi inside. When I try it, I feel that anko has a deeper taste than I expected, but it is a slightly unique "anko" that can be felt differently by each person. Hmm, too classy for me...

I can't say much about Kaga-Shofuku-Mochi in general, but I guess this candy is a souvenir (there are many in general). It also has a long shelf life.

One day, when I was casually looking for Shofuku-Mochi, I found something called "Echizen Shofuku-Mochi". The package and everything was the same as the Kaga-Shofuku-Mochi of Koei-do, only the name was different. Hmm, is this an adult situation? Tactics?
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