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ShottsuruShottsuru Raw Materials:
Some of them are made from 100% grouper, and some are made from salt.

When I actually bought the bottle itself, it was a brown liquid that looked like a diluted soy sauce, and it said, "Use 30 to 40 times diluted. When I took a whiff, it smelled like something I would never want to smell again.

I heard later that "Shottsuru", which is made only from grouper, has no odor at all and is delicious to eat with rice balls.


Shottsuru (salted fish sauce) is a representative seasoning of Akita, and the main way to eat it is Shottsuru-Nabe. When I think of "Shottsuru", the beginning of "Akita Ondo" comes to mind when I think of Hachimori. Akita's specialty, Hachimori, Hatahata, Ogabriko in Oga

Shottsuru is made by fermenting the fish with salt, and after two to three years of fermentation, the fish is preserved over fire after the bones have melted and lost their shape. This is the same kind of fish sauce as Ishiru from Noto, Ishikawa Prefecture, Nyokunamu from Vietnam, and Namupura from Thailand.

When I ordered Shottsuru-Nabe at an inn on the Oga Peninsula, the ingredients were Hatahata, Chinese cabbage, green onion, shirataki, tofu, enoki and garland chrysanthemum. I didn't like it half raw, so when I cooked it properly, the egg of Hatahata (Buriko) became hard, and I had to eat only the egg shell with a popping. Because of this, the taste of the egg came out in the soup, and the egg did not taste so good.

The soup was clear and tasted similar to Yose-NABE, while Hatahata was more like a flounder. Akita people say, "This is the taste of Hatahata, it doesn't look like flounder. The pop of the egg is also good, and if you want to eat the Hata Hata itself, the grilled fish is good!

I saw some local people eating Shottsuru-Nabe on TV and Hatahata eggs (Buriko), and they were eating purple eggs with a string. You eat it before it's even cooked.

Shottsuru is made and sold by vendors. I thought that "Shottsuru" was only made and sold by a vendor, but I heard that it is also made in every household in Yamori. Hatahata, which is caught in the sea, is mixed with salt and koji, left to rest for 3 years (1 to 2 years, it smells fishy), put on fire and boil, then remove the scum.
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