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Tama-Konnyaku" at a certain roadside station
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Raw Materials: Tama-Konnyaku, soy sauce, dashi broth and chili pepper


When we think of Yamagata's specialty, "Inaka-soba" comes to mind, but this "Tama- Konnyaku" is also a gem that must not be forgotten. You may wonder what Konnyaku is, but it's an excellent product not to be underestimated.

Tama-Konnyaku" is sold here and there in the sightseeing area in Yamagata. The soy sauce soaked into the round Konnyaku, and it looks delicious. Even if you don't like Konnyaku, you can eat "Tama-Konnyaku". By the way, there are quite a few cases that the taste of Tama-Konnyaku is good or bad, because it becomes brown inside. By the way, the quality of Tama-Konnyaku is that it becomes brown and the taste is soaked into the inside. It's all about "ka".

Oh, yes, in Yamagata, "Tama-Konnyaku" is one of the home cooking. Anyone can make it easily. But it takes a long time to make.

When you try it, the texture is indescribably good. The Konnyaku is very tasty, crunchy, and well-seasoned. You might be able to eat as many as you like, but let's stop at one. When I bite into it, geometric lines of the tooth shape appear on the Konnyaku, which is very fun. When I made it at home, there were blisters in it, but the sold konnyaku didn't have any blisters, which was a little strange. Between you and me, the next day's bowel movement is very good. But if I eat too much, it has the opposite effect.

In 2013, the Yamagata Prefecture Konnyaku Cooperative Association has been working to develop "Yamagata's Famous Tama-Konnyaku The name was registered as a local collective trademark. A company with no connection to Yamagata is said to have been selling Tamakon in Tokyo and elsewhere. Hmmm, but I guess it wouldn't be a problem if it was just "Tama-Konnyaku".
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