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Kenjyo Tamurano-Ume
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Category: fresh confectionery
Product Name: Kenjyo Tamurano-Ume
Raw Materials: starch syrup (separate corn), sugar, white bean paste, sticky rice, ume, green shiso, soybeans (separate), salt, citric acid


The most popular souvenirs in the Ichinoseki region of Iwate Prefecture have long been "Sasaki's Senbei" or "Tamurano-Ume". However, I always get bored with "Sasaki's Senbei", so I used to buy this "Tamurano-Ume" from time to time and take it home as a surprise. I wanted to taste the taste again, so I tried to buy it, but the one I bought this time seemed to be different from the usual one.

Nope, it's transformed into an elegant one~. In the old days, they didn't wrap them one by one, and I'm sure they were gooey and covered with sugar... The food I ate today has turned out to be very elegant. If this is the case, I might lose to "Mito's Ume".

Let's see, Tamurano-Ume is a sweet and sour candy with a rice cake inside a shiso and anko inside the rice cake. It's also a good balance of shiso and anko (though not as impactful as it used to be) and it's delicious. Ah, the world has changed. So the only thing that doesn't change is my memories~.

I found out the truth later, there are two kinds of Tamurano-Ume, the "Konoe" one and the "Lore" one. It seems that what we used to eat in the past was the "tradition" side, that is. I'm sorry for the inconvenience. I mean, you've made two new ones.

伝承 Tamurano-Ume
Category: fresh confectionery
Raw Materials: sugar, white bean paste, reduced starch saccharification, starch syrup, glutinous rice, ume, green shiso, soybean, salt, olive oil, trehalose, citric acid, glycine

One day, I was tempted to try the old-fashioned "Tamura no Ume", but I was told that it was only available at local shops in the area. So, I bought it on site.

When I opened the package, I found that the crunchy, sugar-sprinkled "Tamurano-Ume" had a strong shiso aroma and looked very tasty. The body of the dish is soft and the shiso flavor is still strong. Yes, it has to be like this, no, you have to eat at least 3 pieces~.

Oh yeah, and no one in the store buys it, "Is this the one with the sugar on it~? She looked at me like...

There is no other candy with so much sugar on it. You'll probably die sooner or later, if you keep eating...
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