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Ten-Musu (Nagoya's Jiraiya)
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Co., Ltd. Jiraiya
1-739 Tokugawa, Higashi-ku, Nagoya City, Aichi, Japan

Raw Materials: white rice, seasoned shrimp (shrimp, wheat flour, egg, spices), nori (seaweed), salt, assorted ingredients (including soybeans), seasoning (amino acids, etc.), preservative (sorbic acid K)


In Aichi, you can find "Ten-Musu" at a convenience store, which looks like a regular triangular rice ball, or a shrimp's tail rising from the top of the rice ball like a prawn.

The original Ten-Musu shop in Mie Prefecture (Senju in Tsu City) has registered the trademark "Meifutsu Ten-Musu". For a moment, I thought, "Oh, I see," but then I wondered if it's even possible to register something like this. Well, there is no particular problem because it is registered in a narrow range of "Meifutsu Ten-Musu", or rather, was there any point in registering it? And... Even so, the original is the original, and it's wonderful, isn't it?

I bought it at a certain product exhibition. But I don't know if it's a simple thing that anyone can make, but it seems that it was made by a local department store.

When I look at it, I see the trademark of "Ten-Musu", and it makes me feel somewhat special. When I tried it, I thought it didn't taste like "chicken fried", but if you look closely, it was also a small shrimp made into tempura. Yes, this is delicious. It's for 10,000 people (Japanese). But why does it taste like "fried chicken"? Somehow, it's strange...

For some reason, there was a carabuki (Japanese butterbur tsukudani) inside the package, and when you try it, it's pretty good.

Later, I saw that Jiraiya and Senju, which I ate this time, were the two major manufacturers in Nagoya, and that Senju was a branch of the original (Mie). So, Jiraiya is soy sauce-flavored and Senju is salt-flavored (you can feel the flavor of the shrimp).

Also, I've heard that there are other shops that have their own personalities and are delicious.
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