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Sasaki-No-Senbei, baked by hand
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52 Aza Oniyoshi, Akoogi, Ichinoseki City, Iwate, Japan

Raw Materials: Flour, peanuts, sugar, margarine, whole eggs, salt, expander


The most popular senbei in Iwate is "Nanbu Senbei", but actually "Sasaki-No-Sanshoku-Senbei"(Sasaki's tricolor rice cracker) is also very popular. Sasaki-No-Sanshoku-Senbei is different from the crispy wheat "Nanbu Senbei", which is a modern cookie type. Peanut, white sesame and almond three color crackers are the staple of the long-established Sasaki-No-Senbei.

As soon as I opened the bag, I could smell the delicious aroma of cookies, and when I cracked it open and threw it into my mouth, the sound of the hard cookies biting into my mouth reverberated through my ears. The more you eat, the more delicious the chemistry between the peanuts and the cookie becomes, and the astringent peanuts give it a mature taste. Hmmm, this is a unique rice cracker that we don't see often in other places.

The whole peanuts are lumped in, but they are not hard or easy to eat, and even the process of making them into rice crackers made me feel that they were changed into something else. Overall, it's hearty, so it's just right when you're feeling a little hungry. It's a rice cracker that you won't get tired of no matter how many times you eat it. By the way, you can divide them into about five pieces while they're still in the bag, and then toss them into your mouth one by one.

Sasaki-No-Sanshoku-SenbeiWhen I first wrote this report, the name of this "Saki no senbei" was "handmade senbei", but when I bought it recently and ate it, it was changed to "thick senbei", and I was confused for a moment. Maybe it's because it's no longer hand-baked (no, there's someone who is noisy)?

Well, this cracker has been labeled as "Nanbu Senbei" or given or not given an awkward name for a long time, so I guess they are still following that trend. You should usually fixate on one of them to enhance your brand power. By the way, the website says "Nambu Senbei, Atsuyaki Senbei, and Sanshoku Senbei"... 2016.08

Beware of this cookie-shaped peanut cracker, as there are similar products out there. You should buy "Sasaki Senbei" produced in Ichinoseki City.
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