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Hikone Sweets Umoregi
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Co., Ltd. Itoshige-Kaho
3-37, Honmachi 1-chome, Hikone City, Shiga, Japan

Category: fresh confectionery
Raw Materials: White sugar, rice cake flour, starchy sugar, maltose, wasanbon sugar, matcha, trehalose

Best-Before Date: About a week


Speaking of Hikone in Shiga Prefecture, Ii Naosuke, the 15th lord of the Omi Hikone clan and the chief of the Tokugawa shogunate, is very famous. Well, now (2008), "Hikonyan" is famous, but... The name of the sweets is Umoregi-YA, which was named after Ii Naosuke's youth.

This maker, Itoshige-Kaho, was also a shop for the Ii family of Hikone clan.

The 2017 NHK Taiga Drama is "Onna Jyoshu Naotora (Tales of a female lord)". As you may know, the aforementioned Ii Naosuke is a descendant of "Naotora". There is also a proper blood connection.

When I took out the "Umoregi" wrapped in Japanese paper from the box, it was covered with yellow powder, which was closer to green than yellow-green, and was about twice the diameter (eight times the volume) of a caramel. If you poke at it, it's a squishy, soft rice cake. You should try it, hmm? This yellow powder smells like matcha... The rice cakes were soft, but had a proper texture, which was similar to the Hachibashi in Kyoto. Also, it's also kind of like water candy in the center.

Yes, this is delicious. I think it's a masterpiece. The overall balance is good. If it's a Hachibashi, it's a Nikki, but this one is more of a matcha flavor. Well, it's a bit sweet, but it's a treat that makes you want to eat it again.
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