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Wanko-Soba" has been a famous local specialty in Iwate for a long time, and it's a festival dish that people in Iwate eat at least once a year. There are many national specialties, but at Wanko-Soba, it's better to say that the way you eat it is what makes it special. So, the taste of the soba noodles is normal, I guess. No, wait, maybe it's actually delicious... I've never tasted or eaten anything like this before...

The origin of the dish seems to be debated between the Hanamaki and Morioka theories, but when I was a child, I remember that the TV news reported the name "Wanko-Soba in Hanamaki". To tell the truth, it's next door, so I don't think there's any need to separate them. But when it comes to eating, it doesn't matter either way.

A long time ago, I had "Wanko-Soba" at Azumaya in Morioka. The waiter told me that there was yakumi and okazu on the plate, and that I could eat more if I put yakumi in when I got tired of it. Hmm, it's like strawberry milk... Then, the waiter tosses buckwheat noodles into my bowl one after another in small bowls, and I swallow them as if to swallow them. When we all went there, it was a mad scramble, but it was a lot of fun.

It's hard to go to this dish alone, and even two people can't go to Wanko-Soba unless they're all having a great time together. In fact, I once ate it in front of Morioka Station with a friend from Kansai who insisted on eating it. Moreover, at that time, there were only a few people who were eating katsu-don. I still remember that there was a chill in the air around me, traumatically.

Oh, but if it's a specialty store, I don't think it's a problem. Even if it's just one person...
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