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Sanriku specialty Yamada-Uncooked-Senbei
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7-11 Chuo-cho, Yamada-machi, Shimohei-gun, Iwate, Japan

Category: fresh confectionery
Product Name: Yamada-Uncooked-Senbei
Raw Materials: rice (uruchi rice), sugar, sesame seeds, salt, soy sauce, seasoning (amino acids, etc.), some of the ingredients include wheat and soybeans.


There are many "wet rice crackers" in the world, but the Uncooked-Senbei Rarely. And when we were traveling along the Sanriku coast, we found a specialty rice cracker in Yamada-cho that was a huge, pitch-black It was a curiosity called "Uncooked-Senbei". And the more I looked at it, the more I wondered? It was so black that I couldn't imagine the taste of it. Hmm, they don't look good. Next to them are softly baked rice crackers made by the same manufacturer, which look delicious. I did, but...

Uncooked-Senbei, a little larger than the palm of an adult's hand, is about 10 pieces in a bag, sticky It was sticky and wrapped up. The smell was of sesame seeds, more greenish-gray than pitch-black, interspersed with black dots of crushed sesame seeds. It's a rare sight to see. When it's time to get started, it takes a bit of effort to pull off one of the pieces, and when it finally bites down and pulls off, it's like... Mmm, that's the feel of a rice cake! In a word, it could be called a hardened sesame cake.

So I reconsidered and tried baking it in the oven, and it was crispy and savory. Whether it's good or not may be a matter of personal preference. But when I looked up, I found that my wife liked it. Hmmm, it's a strange "Yamada-Uncooked" where simple ingredients and sophisticated shapes live together. I think it's "Senbei"!
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