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Category: 100% Soba
Raw Materials: Buckwheat flour, natural water


If you go to Yamagata, you can't help but eat Soba. In addition to many buckwheat noodle shops, all of them have their own characteristics and are very good. And the pickles as an appetizer are not to be underestimated. And I'm like, "What? This is the place? You can also enjoy it on the way. There's also the "ita Soba", which is a large amount of buckwheat noodles served in a wooden frame, and the first time you see it, you'll be amazed (Yamagata is the birthplace of Ita-Soba). Needless to say, Sobayu is a part of our life.

Soba is made by "stone-grinding" in order to reduce the heat generated during the milling process and to make a good-flavored buckwheat flour, and it is said that buckwheat that is hand-rolled and boiled on the same day is the most delicious. Freshly ground, freshly hitched, and boiled" is called San Tate-Soba, and it is revered. In addition to that, there's cold-weathered Soba noodles made in winter, right?

[At a certain Soba restaurant in Yamagata, it is different from the picture.]
The first appetizer that came out was the pickled eggplant, which was delicious. It was as if it was pickled in shallow water, which made me think that it had been a long time since I had eaten such a delicious pickled eggplant.

Soba is very difficult to describe, but it has a chewy texture (sometimes the size of clay) and a strong aroma of Soba. Udon is said to go down your throat, but buckwheat noodles are aroma. The Soba-tsuyu has an unmistakable bonito flavor, and it's addictive.

Cross-section of Buckwheat Nuts)
(Types of Soba)

Dark buckwheat noodles with the hulls on them are ground with a stone mortar or similar, then sifted through and the hulls removed. The aroma of buckwheat is strong, and Yamagata-Inaka-Soba is exactly this.

When you peel the brownish-black hull of buckwheat, a green peeled seed comes out from inside. The whole hollowed-out fruit is also called "ground up" and has a high fragrance and a greenish-green (a color that looks like a mixture of green and gray) color. This is Yabu-soba.

Only the center of the buckwheat is ground. The aroma is not so much whitish as it is.

standing-room-only noodle shop
It is said that it is made with 30% buckwheat flour and 70% wheat flour. Incidentally, according to the JAS Law, noodles made with more than 30% buckwheat flour are called soba.

A questionnaire taken on the streets of Osaka revealed that half of the people who had never heard of Sobayu were unaware of it. How is this...
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