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Co., Ltd. Bankaku-Sohonpo
15-1 Jinzo, Arao-machi, Tokai-city, Aichi, Japan

Category: Shrimp Rice Cracker
Product Name: Yukari
Raw Materials: shrimp, wheat flour, starch, sugar, salt, seasoning (amino acids, etc.)

Bankaku-Sohonpo Yukari

Bankaku's Yukari sometimes arrives as a mid-year gift or year-end gift from an acquaintance in Nagoya, and now it seems to be becoming a nationwide "shrimp crackers" (sold in other areas as well). Hmm, from fried prawns to shrimp crackers, Nagoya's love of prawns is real, so why is Nagoya prawns? Oh, for some reason, the "Golden Butterfly", which is a shrimp, is not a shrimp, is it?

I think that there are many unique foods in Nagoya. After all, where wealth is concentrated, culture springs up. Oh, I'm jealous. ...barking from the poor country.

The rice crackers I took out of the black paper box were hand-baked in a round shape, with a rough surface and a savory smell of shrimp. It was crunchy, crunchy and surprisingly chewy, but it gradually melted in your mouth, so it was strange. The taste and saltiness of the shrimp create an exquisite flavor, and it has a unique texture that cannot be found anywhere else. By the way, how did you manage to trap the flavor of the shrimp so well?

It really is a gem with a lot of personality that is worthy of being a specialty!

Well, if anything, it's the taste of an adult. It's a little shoddy, so I might want some tea (or alcohol) or something like that.
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