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Yonezawa local specialty Gyuniku-Dojo
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(Founded in 1887, the seventh generation)
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Category: Gyuniku-Bento
Product Name: Gyuniku-Dojo
Raw Materials: Rice, seasoned beef, minced beef, ginger, vinegared lotus root, sweet potato, kombu roll (with small fish), shiso roll, pickled soy sauce (radish, cucumber, eggplant, etc.), Assorted ingredients, seasoning (amino acids, etc.), acidity, coloring (red 102, red 106, gardenia), preservative (sorbic acid K), sorbit, pH adjuster, sweetener (stevia, licorice), bleach (sodium hyposulfite, sulfite), myouban, antioxidant (V.C.), sodium polyphosphate, polysaccharide thickener (some ingredients include wheat, soybeans, walnuts)

Expiration Date: Until 21:00 on the day


Speaking of Yonezawa specialties, Yonezawa beef is famous, but let's not forget about Gyuniku-Dojo, a Yonezawa station speciality ekiben. This Gyuniku-Dojo can only be bought at the Shinkansen station and inside the Shinkansen, and it is a superb product that cannot be bought outside the ticket gate even inside the station (in 2008). This time, I managed to get it at a department store's ekiben competition, so let's try it.

At Yonezawa station, a beef bento boxed lunch of another company is also sold in a similar package, so you should not make a mistake. Remember that the round package is Gyuniku-Dojo.

The lunch box is a much larger box and thicker than I had imagined. The box inscriptions are lined with words such as "Tenka Musou, Gorgeous and Colorful, Nutritious, Special and Beef Bento, Confident in Our Meat, Travel Safety. By the way, the definition of Yonezawa beef has become stricter now, or it is not written as Yonezawa beef.

When you open the box, there are two colors of beef encrusted inside, and there is a proper okazu attached. The beef on the left side, which looks like a gyudon (beef bowl), is a sweet and spicy thickly seasoned beef, and it is very tasty. I'm not a meat person, so I can tell right away that there's a feline smell, but this isn't one of those things. It's firm, yet exquisitely seasoned. The rice also has a chewy texture.

The beef soboro portion on the right side is quite thickly laden with meat, and it's full of satisfaction. It is also mixed with white sesame seeds, which is also delicious. The "hajikami ginger" (the long, thin red ginger in the middle) and shiso rolls were also good. Hmmm, if this is the case, I'm satisfied even if it's called "Tenka Warriors". I want to eat again.

The Gyuniku-Dojo, which was initially only available at the Yonezawa Station Shinkansen platform and inside the Shinkansen, can now be purchased at various places such as Sendai Station and Tokyo Station (where ekiben is sold throughout the country). It's been a big success since then, hasn't it. 2011.11

Gyuniku-DojoThe day after Gyuniku-Dojo, I discovered that Gyuniku-Dojo using expensive "Yonezawa beef" was being sold in a newspaper flyer. Also, the price is getting more expensive.... 2016.09
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