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Sato Yosuke VII Inaniwa-Udon
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Sato Yosuke Store
229 Aza Inaniwa, Inaniwa-cho, Yuzawa City, Akita, Japan

Raw Materials: Wheat, salt, water

On site: Ten-Seiro 1200 yen


When I think of Inaniwa-Udon, I think of cold Tsukemen in the summer. Soumen (somen), cold barley, Inaniwa-Udon "Which one do you want? If you are asked, "What do you want to eat?", I will answer with Inaniwa-Udon, but the place where the price is a little bit high is not suitable for the food usually.

Among the Inaniwa-Udon, the famous one is "Sato Yosuke VII's Inaniwa-Udon". I remember that Sato Yosuke VIII (executive director) of this restaurant appeared in the TV championship and held a "Udon Showdown" with Kagawa Prefecture Sanuki, Saitama Prefecture Kazo, and Nagasaki Prefecture Goto, and won by the vote of the customers' actual food.

Inaniwa-Udon is a dried noodle, so it can be eaten well at home. Either way, it's delicious, whether it's somen-style in summer or warm udon-style in winter. Actually, when I tried various kinds of Inaniwa-Udon, it is a thicker version of somen, but compared to somen, I felt that the noodles have a good taste, and that is the source of the taste. In fact, if you look at the cross section of Inaniwa-Udon under the microscope, there is a hole in the air, which must be one of the flavors.

One day, I tried it at Sato Yosuke Inaniwa-Udon, a local restaurant, and it had ginger in the condiment, and it was the best match. Since then, not only Inaniwa-Udon, but also ginger has become a standard ingredient for cold somen noodles in our house.

Normally, Inaniwa-Udon is distributed as dry noodles, but there is a shop in Akita City called Kanbun Goyendo where you can eat fresh noodles, so we went to eat it. I tried the "Fresh Noodle and Dried Noodle Flavor Comparison", and the fresh noodles were the best.

Also, it seems that there is a "phantom Inaniwa-Udon", a hand-made Inaniwa-Udon made by the 16th generation of the Soke family, Inaba Kichizaemon, which is very difficult to obtain.

Incidentally, Inaniwa-Udon is usually eaten as a cold "colander" in Akita Prefecture, but it is often eaten as a warm "kake udon" in Inaniwa.
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