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Sanshoku Dango
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Hanyu, Ltd.
1-6-30, Niitsu Honcho, Akiha-ku, Niigata City, Niigata, Japan

Category: Japanese confectionery
Product Name: Sanshoku Dango (frozen)
Raw Materials: nonglutinous rice powder, sugar, white bean jam, raw bean jam, sesame seeds, edible oil and fat, wheat flour, starch syrup, salt

Best-Before Date: Approximately 1 month upon delivery, 2 days after thawing

How to Store: Requires freezing (-18°C or less), after thawing, leave at room temperature for 2 to 3 hours to reach optimum eating quality.

Sanshoku Dango

By chance, I found something called "Niitsu's specialty, Sanshoku Dango" on the Internet. It was a gem with three different colors of red bean jam beautifully coated in the folded box. Yes, it's similar to Akita's "Angoma Mochi".

By the way, these three color dangoes are made without any additives and using the same manufacturing method that has been used since the establishment of the company, and have a short shelf life of only two days. However, by freezing the freshly made products, it is possible to eat them even in distant places. Hmm.

Oh, Niitsu City was annexed to Niigata City before I knew it.

It was smaller than I had imagined (my imagination was too big) and came in a folded-up fashion about the size of two cigarette boxes. When I opened the package, there was a Styrofoam box with a lid made of sutra wood (paper-like wooden board), and the smell of the wood wafted around it. Then, as you can see, a beautiful view never disappoints.

It was covered with a thick, sticky paste, and I was wondering where to put a toothpick in it. For a moment we were puzzled. Then you take one of the sesame cakes and put it in your mouth... oh, it's still cold. And it was a little hard. Yes, the first type of sesame is not very sticky and has a light texture. And the second type of white bean paste seems to be a kind of kidney bean, and it's tasty in its own way. The last one is azuki bean paste.

Then I came to myself and looked over the whole thing, and it seems that the first thing they did was to spread small white dangles all over it, and then smear the top surface with red bean paste. Yes, I think it looks top-notch and tastes like soul food! Also, I had some doubts about the rice cakes that can keep for two days, which I didn't like. No, but it would be better if the rice cakes were fresh instead of frozen.

They also offer a different version of the bean paste depending on the season.

Later, I tried the other box that was left over, after it had been properly defrosted and softened. Then the rice cakes turned out to be properly normal and delicious. I'll take back the article I wrote the other day. I'm sorry.
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