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Hida-Takayama Ramen

The ramen in the city is certainly good. However, in the pursuit of deliciousness and fashion, everything is available, and things are changing rapidly. Well, it makes sense to say that fashion and youth culture are such things (although fads and fads are also the source of human evolution).

But when you travel to the countryside, there's a stubborn ramen that's cultivated in the region. It's rustic yet flavorful, and even fresh. Out of such ramen, this time I'm going to try "Hida-Takayama Ramen". Incidentally, the locals call it simply "Chinese soba".

One of the features of Takayama Ramen's manufacturing process is that the soup and "kaeshi sauce" are combined in a single bowl. If you make it this way, it will be boiled down, and it will be difficult to adjust the amount of salt in the soup (with soy sauce). The rest is just a simple matter of putting on the green onion, chashu and menma.

I went to eat at a regular Takayama ramen restaurant in my neighborhood. I don't think this place is representative of Takayama Ramen, but for the moment, it must be Takayama Ramen.

The ramen that came out was a very light color of the soup. Mmm, almost transparent soy sauce color. When I took a sip, it was unexpectedly rich and delicious. There is a lot of fat on the surface of the soup, which I don't think is just due to the chashu, and the soup itself has a Japanese flavor, and you can feel the chicken stock flavor as well. Let's see, the noodles are thin and wiry, with a strong waist and chewy texture. Two small slices of chashu, a small piece of nori (seaweed), spinach, chopped scallions, and menma are included.
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