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Yamatoya's Ise-Udon
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Co., Ltd. Oputo
1-20-15, Futamata, Ise City, Mie, Japan

Quantity: Udon 240g/1bag, special sauce 35ml/1bottle

Raw Materials:
Udon (heat sterilized): domestic wheat, salt, water

Special sauce: Tamari soy sauce (honjozo), flavoring ingredients (bonito flakes, mackerel flakes, horse mackerel flakes, bonito powder), sugar, mirin, seasonings (amino acids, etc.), caramel coloring (some of the ingredients include wheat and soybeans)

Best-Before Date: Two weeks


Ise-udon, which is eaten at Ise in Mie Prefecture, is called Ise-Udon, and it's a very thick and soft udon. However, this Ise-Udon is made by kneading the dough with a lot of water and then slowly letting the water off while it matures.

After that, they boil it for an hour to make the surface uneven. Well, why...

Boil the Ise-Udon for another 5 minutes at home, and it's ready. When you pour the sweet and spicy soy sauce on the udon, like dumplings served with it, it turns into a delicious color. Hmmm, they say they boiled it for an hour to make it uneven, so the sauce sticks to the noodles like a stick. And when I sprinkled some small green onions on it and took it to my mouth, it was a fluffy "udon" with no waist, just like they say.

Well, it's definitely an unusual "udon". Furthermore, I mixed it with the attached bonito flakes, chopped seaweed and shichimi chili pepper and poured it down my throat. I'm still not used to it, but I have a feeling that I'm going to like it once I get used to it. This is not enough for one person (one ball), isn't it? I'd like to go for two... Digestion seems to be pretty good too.
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