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Special Selection White Peach in Okayama
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White Peach in Okayama, About 2 kg (8 peachs)

Shop: Co., Ltd. Bokodeko-Shokai
851-1 Shinpon, Soja City, Okayama

White Peach

The summer fruit is the peach. Peaches are a wonderful fruit that is beautiful in shape, pleasing to the eye and delicious to eat. In China, it is said that it has been revered as a medicine for longevity since ancient times, and I can easily understand that. In Japan, like the legend of Momotaro here in Okayama, it is a great fruit that also produces heroes from within.

Incidentally, it was in the Meiji era (the origin of the Chinese honey peach family) that peaches were seriously improved for eating and spread throughout Japan. In Japan, peaches have been around for a long time, but before that, they were ornamental and not eaten much. Peaches are a fruit with unexpectedly variable crops (growth and preparation) and are generally delicious, but their taste varies from fine to excellent.

A couple of hours later, I served them 30 minutes before eating them.

Well, I rinsed off the outer blubber with water and smoked it with the skin, and wow, this is delicious, too delicious. What's with the taste? This is the best peach I've had in recent years. Maybe it was just a coincidence, but the taste exceeded my expectations and moistened my throat and my heart. By the way, this time's White Peach is basically white, but there are many red parts as well. The inside was either reddish or white like the outer skin. By the way, I heard that the yellow inside is a yellow peach.

[After storing it in the refrigerator, the next day you eat it!]
Huh? The deliciousness of yesterday is gone. Isn't it degraded by quite a shock, as if a first-class product has become a third-class product and a beer has become a third-class beer? After all, it was "Do not store in the refrigerator", wasn't it? But I didn't realize that it could make such a difference...

It seems that aluminum foil is the best way to preserve peaches.
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