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Produced in Kushima City, Miyazaki, Japan
Harvest Season: House products are available from the end of the year, and bare ground products are available from January to February

#) Kumquat is said to be good for colds, and among fruits, it contains a lot of calcium, vitamins A and B, and vitamin P which protects capillaries as an anti-case vitamin.


I often hear about Kumquat (Japanese Kinkan), but I've never actually eaten it. The name Kumquat is a great name, isn't it? It has an elegance that makes you imagine a very deluxe fruit when you hear the name alone. Is it true that people eat only the skin and throw away the body?

By the way, when you hear the word "kumquat", you may think of "kumquat" for insect bites, but it's a different kind of medicine altogether.

The bright orange Kumquat is only a little smaller than a ping-pong ball, and its numerous bags of Kumquat give people a sense of satisfaction and enrich their minds (it seems).

I was so excited that I took the Kumquat out of the bag and smelled it. And it barely smells... The peel, which is a bit harder than a tangerine, was a bit juicier and sweeter inside, with a lot of soft white parts, and I could eat the whole thing without feeling uncomfortable.

So, it's hard to tell which part looks like a bunch of tangerine, but the seeds came out, so you can tell if they are bunches or not. Of course, there is no feeling of tufts. I thought it would be sour from the looks of it, but I was somewhat disappointed. It was a surprisingly soft touch and easy to eat.

Well, it's basically a citrus white wata, with the skin and bunches as a side dish, I guess. Just toss the whole thing into your mouth, and the seeds will be released with a whimper. The place where you can eat a whole citrus fruit is worth the money, isn't it?
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