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Green Mandarin Orange
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JA Arida
47-1, Oaza Tenma, Aridagawa-cho, Arida-gun, Wakayama, Japan

from Kishu 3.5Kg
Harvest Season: Late September - October


Speaking of Mikan, Wakayama, Ehime, and Shizuoka are famous for their three major production areas, but especially Wakayama has become the largest producer in Japan (after 2004, it has reversed Ehime's position). (2007 Agriculture and Water Statistics).

With the spread of the Internet in recent years, you can find all kinds of Mikans from all over the country if you are so inclined. Even now, however, "aomikans", which are only available for a moment in time, are very precious. Nowadays, there are a lot of supplements that use the whole green skin Mikan, because they say that green skin is good for your health.

I took it out of the box and smelled Green Mandarin Orange, but for some reason it didn't smell so good. As I started to peel the skin, the bubbles in the skin popped and the blueish citrus smell filled the air. Oh, this is it, this is it. You can put it in the bath or marinate it lightly in miso to make it tasty (...from my grandma's memory).

(Is it a sign that I don't want to eat it yet?) The thin green skin and the inside of the bag of fruit were too tightly attached, and it was hard to peel off. If you try it, the inside of the fruit is sour and a little sweet, it's the taste of youth. Once I eat this, I want to eat it every year.

frozen mandarin oranges)
If you buy a box of Mikan at this time of year when the temperature is still high, you can't eat all of it, so you have to worry about preserving it. But there's a trick to doing this, he says.

It is "frozen once, then soaked in water and frozen again". It is said that a film is formed on the outside to protect it from drying out and keep it fresh. Also, don't forget to put them in an airtight bag.

Mikan's peeling method, the 2016 "Wakayama Muki (Arita Muki)," is getting a lot of attention. It's easier to eat if you cut the Mikan into four pieces (two pieces and then two more) and then peel the skin off. The key is to break it from the hip side.
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