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White Shrimp Tenpura
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Kappo Kawaguchi
19-31 Chuo-machi, Imizu City, Toyama

White Shrimp

I was told that there is a rare shrimp that can only be caught in Toyama Bay. It's called "White Shrimp". Along with yellowtail and firefly squid, it is also a precious product that is considered to be a symbol of Toyama Prefecture. This shrimp, like the Sakura shrimp in Suruga Bay, lives in the deep sea, and although it tastes good, it is fast on its feet, so it has not been distributed much until now and is only known locally.

In recent years, thanks to advances in freezing technology and the power of word-of-mouth in the Internet age, a variety of White Shrimp, from White Shrimp Tendon to White Shrimp Senbei, have come to be offered. Then, this time, I made White Shrimp Tenpura at a certain product exhibition. The shop even sold a five-piece set of White Shrimp (sashimi, boiled in a pot, kamaboko, furikake, and pickled sweet vinegar).

The White Shrimp, which is about the size of a river shrimp, is still a white shrimp when served in Tenpura. However, if you look closely, you can see that his tail is slightly pink and his eyes are looking at you with black dots. The smell is the Tenpura of the shrimp itself, and there is nothing unusual about it.

Then I tried it with all my heart, and it was definitely a small shrimp Tenpura. Intuitively, it seems to have a lot of flesh for a small shrimp, and it also feels sweet to that extent. It is also fresh, has no odor, and has an elegant flavor. Hmmm, I'd like to eat it as a Tenpura rice bowl.

And when I lightly roasted it in a frying pan and ate it later, it became even more delicious and fragrant.
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