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Toyama-Black-Ramen (black soy sauce)
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Co., Ltd. Ten-Takaku
Store Name: Menya-Iroha
1555-1 Hibari, Imizu City, Toyama, Japan

Product Name: Black soy sauce ramen (with flavored egg)


There are many kinds of local ramen, but it is rare to find one with such an intriguing color. The black color of the soup reminds me of squid's soup for a moment, but the color comes from the genuine soy sauce soup. Nowadays, the black soy sauce itself is sold by itself, so it's about time I started walking around on my own.

This time, I'm not going to buy it at the site, or order it from the store, I'm going to eat it at an exhibition.

So, I ordered it at the shop there. Perhaps because I knew it was black from the start, I was not surprised when the black soy sauce ramen was brought to me and nodded "Hmmm. When I took a sip of the black soup, I realized that it smelled like niboshi dashi. What's more, it has a very strong smell. The noodles are thick and moderately curly, and when you lift them up, they are black in color (although they look yellow in the picture...). When you try it, it's just plain good noodles.

Also, the menma is not thickly seasoned, but the original taste of the menma, and the fatty chashu is surprisingly light in taste. As I ate the ramen, the flavor of the black pepper that had been sprinkled on the ramen gradually won out, and the smell of the niboshi dashi gradually faded away. I don't know if people in Toyama like black pepper or not, but the only pepper we found on the table in the shop was also black pepper. There are also people who put black pepper on top of this...

The color gives the image of a sour taste, but it's not like that, and the amount of water we drink after meals is no different from usual. Well, except for the black color, it's not a mistake to say that it's normal. No, but it's delicious.

There are two kinds of black ramen in Toyama, one in the eastern part of the prefecture (in the center of Toyama City), which is very salty and eaten with rice, and the other with no soup (you can't drink).

The other black ramen in the western part of the prefecture (centering on Takaoka City) is black in color, but the soup is normally drinkable. So the Black Ramen I ate this time was the not-so-salty ramen of the western part of the prefecture.

By the way, it is said that only tourists eat Toyama-Black-Ramen and locals don't.
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