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Banpeiyu (excellence 3L・3Kg)
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Murakami Orchard
608 Miyahara, Hikawa-cho, Yatsushiro-gun, Kumamoto

Product Name: Fruit
Harvest Season: December-February


Quite a while ago, when I was walking around Suizenji Park in Kumamoto, I found a lot of big oranges in the fruit shops here and there. I remember walking around wondering what the heck this was all about and wondering if I could eat it. Recently, I saw it on TV and learned that it was called Banpeiyu. According to them, besides eating the inside of the fruit, Banpeiyu also eats the thick white skin of the fruit by candling it.

Hmm, once I see this, I want to try it. So, we went to the actual meal.

Banpeiyu, which arrived in early December, is mostly yellow, but there are still some parts of blue. The message I received by email said that the best time to eat them was around New Year's Day. Hmmm, this one is pretty big. It's about the size and weight of a medium-sized watermelon. When you smell it, it smells like a summer mandarin oranges and when you hit it, it sounds like a watermelon.

I put up with a lot of patience and cut it off after New Year's Day. The texture of the white part between the skin and the fruit was chewy and really like a rice cake. After struggling with this rice cake, I finally took out the fruit and ate it, and it was surprisingly light and the texture was like a large summer mandarin orange. It's a little tasty, but it's big enough to eat. I'm satisfied with a bunch of each of them. The remaining skins are fragrant, so let's leave them in the room.

One day, many years after that, I found this (small) Banpeiyu in a souvenir shop in a rural area (Honshu). Banpeiyu has become so familiar to me. The world is changing.
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