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Product Name: Dried Octopus
Raw Materials: Octopus

How to Store: Refrigerate

Dried Octopus

A long time ago, when I was traveling in a sightseeing bus in Hokkaido, the stocky bus guide would always say, "Dried octopus is really good, so you must try it! This is the reason why we have to do this. It makes me want to eat it, but I froze when I saw a dried octopus hanging in a souvenir shop. And it turns out that one leg costs several thousand yen. What? Why? Why is it so expensive.

I couldn't buy it back then, but this time I bought it because the shaved dried octopus was sold cheaply... And there were other things on sale with one leg, but they cost several thousand yen... Well, I'd like to try it on my leg, but for now, let's try this shaved one once and then...

When I took it out of the bag and smelled it, I felt it was similar to Saki squid. When I tried to eat it, it was chewy and more chewy than Saki squid. It may be a protein, but it is a natural taste. There is almost no salt in it, so I think it's a natural food that can be used as a snack for children.

And this is not really dry food, but more like half-dried, so it's mostly tender and easy to eat. I don't know what it is, but once you start eating it, you can't stop. Hmmm.
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