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Co., Ltd. Oranda-Ya
208 Shinminato, Mihama-ku, Chiba City, Chiba, Japan

Product Name: Peanut-pie
Raw Materials: Flour, butter, white beans, sugar, Peanut, red beans, starch syrup, egg yolk, salt

Product Name: Peanut-Monaka (Peanut-bean-jam)
Raw Materials: Sugar, white beans, Peanut, glutinous rice, agar

Product Name: Peanut-Monaka (Red beans, sweet red bean paste)
Raw Materials: Sugar, red beans, starch, glutinous rice, agar, trehalose

Oranda-Ya's Confectionery

When it comes to sweets shops in Chiba, you can't get rid of Oranda-Ya, which has 50 shops in Chiba Prefecture. Usually, the signboard products come to the front, but this is a general confectionary shop that makes a variety of sweets, including Western and Japanese sweets, which the shop name Oranda-Ya takes advantage of. I heard that the "Peanuts-pie and Peanuts-Monaka", which are made with local Peanuts from Chiba, are very popular, so I thought I'd try one for now.

By the way, I heard that the name of Oranda-Ya was "approved by the Dutch Embassy". Eh, you're not going to grant permission like that. No, maybe it's because Japanese people are hard-headed.

[ Peanut-pie ]
The golden brown pies were very oily and had a whitish sweet bean paste inside with a little bit of red bean color on the side. As I recall, Ekison-pie (Fukushima) came and played for us (I'm not sure which came first...).

[ Peanut-Monaka ](Peanutsweet bean paste,Red beans sweet paste)
The big Peanut shaped Monaka (Peanut sweet bean paste) is quite sweet, but not bad. It's a delicious sweet bean paste (actually, the ingredients are white beans and ...).

The red beans sweet bean paste has the right amount of red bean aroma, and the sweetness has a great impact. Hmmm, a powerful sweetness that I haven't encountered in a long time. I'm in the mood to add the word "stubborn" to the "Boso hometown ika" on the front of the box to make it "stubborn Boso hometown ika" as a friendly reminder
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