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Oyster Rice(Akkeshi-Station Ujiie)
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Co., Ltd. Ujiie-Machiai-jyo T
1-15 Miyazono, Akkeshi-cho, Akkeshi-gun, Hokkaido, Japan

Product Name: Box lunch(Akkeshi Ujiie Oyster Rice)
Raw Materials: Rice, oyster, radish, clam, mussel, shiitake mushroom, butterbur, Fukujin-zuke, hijiki, chopped seaweed, soy sauce, sugar, seasoning (amino acids, etc.), acidity, preservatives (sorbic acid K, polylysine), sodium metaphosphate, sweeteners (stevia, sucralose), flavoring, polysaccharide thickener, coloring (caramel color, yellow 4, red 102, red 106, yellow 5), glycine (some ingredients include wheat and soybeans)

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Akkeshi Ujiie Oyster Rice

In the eastern part of Hokkaido, there is Akkeshi Bay on the coast facing the Pacific Ocean, and adjacent to the bay lies Lake Akkeshi, a brackish lake with a lot of seawater. Lake Akkeshi on the land side has long been a natural oyster producing area, and there was even an oyster island (now sinking) where oyster shells were deposited at the connection with Akkeshi Bay on the sea side.

As you can see in the regions where oysters are produced throughout the country, oysters are nurtured by the nutrients of the forest, which is carried by rivers. Atsugishi is just like that. Also, taking advantage of Hokkaido's cold climate, Atsugishi is the only place in Japan where you can eat fresh oysters all year round, which is a characteristic of the city.

When I opened the plastic box of the folding style, what the heck... I'm sorry to say that I had high hopes for this bento, but to be honest, it looks pretty shabby. Well, it may be that the oysters appear to be buried in the background because the rice is the same color, but it looks better in the image. And there were three (or three) pieces of clams, oysters, fillets of mussel, butterbur, shiitake mushroom, and takuan.

As I soothed the brown rice in my mouth, it was a bit chewy, almost like an okowa with a core of ingredients. The taste is based on soy sauce, and the extracts of oysters and other ingredients give it a rich flavor. Then we ate all of the okazu on top of it, and the oysters were the best. Anyway, it's a very chewy rice and you have to chew it well.

Maybe I should have eaten this at lunchtime when it was freshly made. So now it's dinner. No, it's an article as if I didn't like it, but it's actually quite a favorite. It's a delicious oyster rice bento, and I recommend it, that I do.
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