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The 100th Anniversary of Romantic North Street
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Ikeda-machi Grape and Grape Wine Institute
83 Kiyomi, Ikeda-cho, Nakagawa-gun, Hokkaido, Japan
(It's run by the town.)

Category: Fruit wine
Product Name: The 100th Anniversary of Romantic North Street(red)
Antioxidants are used as raw materials.
Alcohol Content Less than 12%, 500ml

Tokachi Wine

If you think about it, grapes are grown all over Japan nowadays and can be found in the gardens of ordinary houses. These days, wine is made all over the country, and there are many different wineries.

So, I heard that Kochi Wine in Hokkaido has a wine called "Rosé for the townspeople", which was made to let the residents of Ikeda know more about wine. In the past, it was only available to the residents of the town, but now it is only available in the town, but anyone can buy it. Ah~, I wish I could drink that.

(For now, I'm going to make a "Tokachi Wine" for the Hokkaido area only.

And it's in a rather elongated bottle, looking smart but with little capacity. And when I poured it into a glass with a tok tok tok and drank it, it was easy to drink. Oh, it's so sweet. It's not so much a wine lover as it is a fruit wine for the average person, like that red ball wine. Yeah, drink it and be surprised, Jade Box. Even if you're not a big wine drinker, you'll probably be fine. I can really go "gpi-gpi-gpi". It's scary when you get carried away.

I don't think this wine is for wine connoisseurs. If you're a wine connoisseur, buy another, more expensive wine.

Red ball wine is actually red ball sweet wine, which became the cornerstone of Suntory during the Showa era (1926-1989) and was a national wine that took the world by storm. It was cheap, sweet, and easy to drink, and it was a commonplace wine.
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