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Odate Kiritanpo Association
20 Aza Nakajo, Odate City, Akita, Japan

Kiritanpo (Sasanisiki), chicken, burdock, leek, chicken (Hinai chicken), parsley, mushrooms (maitake or shimeji mushroom), konjakko


When you think of Kiritanpo, you probably think of rice wrapped around a wooden stick and dipped in miso and baked, which is sold at tourist spots in Akita. When I see it, I buy it because it looks so good, but I've never encountered a good one. According to people in Akita, Kiritanpo means "Kiritanpo-Pot", so in short, you should eat at the Nabe.

In 2004, I had such an image, but since then I've been featured on TV often and have become a nationwide fan. Yanagiha's "Even if it's a Kiritanpo pot, it's going to stick! I think it's thanks to Bayside Shakedown...

By the way, Kiritanpo is a cedar wooden stick wrapped in half-crushed new rice (not glutinous rice, but uruchi rice). And I've been calling it 'Kiritanpo', but apparently it's called 'dandelion' when it's not cut, and the cut one is called 'Kiritanpo'.

The "Kiritanpo-Pot" is a feast where you don't need a side dish or rice, just a hot pot. The unique flavor of kiritanpo, chicken (Hinai Jidori), mushrooms (maitake), and parsley (Miseki Seri with roots) melts with the okoge rice, making it a unique nabe. Especially, the texture of maitake mushroom is good for this pot.

It is said that this pot is even better the next day (the leftovers from the previous day). Kiritanpo melts into the soup, and although it doesn't look good, it turns out to be a delicious dish similar to zosui (rice porridge). But if you serve it to your customers, you'll get a few complaints.

There is an image of eating Kiritanpo-Pot in winter, but in Kanazuno and Odate, the home of Kiritanpo-Pot, it is an ordinary home-style dish, and it is eaten in summer and winter as part of some kind of event. Oh, come to think of it, the rice cake culture of Ichinoseki also said something like that.
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