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Niitaka-Pear (Niitaka-Nashi)
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4-8, Takasuhigashi-machi, Kochi City, Kochi, Japan

Weight: 980g, From Kochi
Harvest Season: Mid to late October
Shelf Life: About two weeks.
It's on sale until the end of the year.


I'd never seen or heard of Niitaka-Pear, but it's a pear that appears in the fruit section of supermarkets and department stores when the season comes. Well, maybe it's because it's a high quality fruit, so it didn't come into my sight and I just let it go by...

I don't know the name, but it's a huge pear, I can't believe it's 1kg each. Yes, I'd like to see the pear field where these pears are grown.

This pear was created in 1923 by crossing "Amanogawa pear" from Niigata Prefecture with "Imamura pear" from Kochi Prefecture. Yes, it goes without saying that "Niitaka-Pear" stands for the initials of both prefectures. There are only a few suitable areas, and so far, Kochi has become the best producer (2004).

The Niitaka-Pear that arrived, even if I cut the big pear into eight equal parts, the piece was quite large. When I tried it, it had a slightly different texture and I remembered the crispy, tough flesh. It must have been able to maintain this figure, so the flesh must have become firm naturally.

Also, I thought it was more watery and tasteless, but it's definitely sweet and delicious. Well, they must have gone to a lot of trouble to do so. Yes, this is a first-class pear.

[ at a later date ]
The Niitaka-Pear (from Chiba) that I saw at a nearby supermarket must have been a large pear, but it was much smaller than the one I ate (from Kochi). I just want to say that...
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