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Yellow Watermelon

Watermelon is a fruit grown all over the country (*1), with shipments beginning in the spring in Shikoku and Kyushu, and ending in the summer in the Tohoku region and other parts of Japan. The watermelon reaches its peak in Hokkaido. The red watermelon is the most common type of watermelon, but in the past, the yellow watermelon was also common. It was something I had seen before. The Yellow Watermelon I had in the past was not so good, and its color was very unusual. I think the taste was unpopular just because of the taste.

But how is the modern Yellow Watermelon? So, let's go to the actual taste.

(*1) Watermelon is a "vegetable" in academic terms, but it is treated as a "fruit" in markets and supermarkets. . The same goes for melons and strawberries.

The lustrous stripes were more than beautiful, they were even a little eerie.

Then I cut up the watermelon and found that it was bright yellow inside, and even the skin was coloured close to the surface. Then I smelled it, and it looked just like a normal watermelon! Then we tried it, and although it tasted like a normal watermelon, the texture was a bit creamy and the texture was a little bit finer than a normal watermelon. I think there is.

But, well, it's sweet and just plain good. The seeds are just a little bit shadowy, but it's the same as if they weren't there! If you stare at it, it looks like shaved ice with yellow syrup on it. Mmm, it's beautiful~.


By the way, watermelon is sweet in the center, so it's better to cut it radially from the center. If you want to share it with everyone, you should!

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