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2-27 Kitagoza, Kochi City, Kochi, Japan

Place of production Shikoku ~ Kyushu

Harvest Season: Harvest in late November and later in the year. After that, it is stored for about a month (extra water is taken to sweeten the taste) and shipped in December or February.

It's also the parent of Tankan and the parent of Decopon.


What the hell is Ponkan all about? Isn't it normal for people to think, "I don't know. There are many kinds of citrus fruits in the southern part of the country, so I don't know which one is which, since I only eat them occasionally. Even if you eat it once, you have to write it down or you'll forget it. So, I'm going to introduce it as a speciality of Kochi this time (it was Kochi that bought it), but actually Kagoshima is the biggest producer in Japan by far.

When I picked up the Ponkan that arrived, it was surprisingly small. It's about the size of a small tangerine (rather abstruse). It wasn't a manjuu shape like a tangerine, but a slightly taller round shape. The head seems to be popping out like a deco-pon, or not popping out, something like that. It didn't have much of a smell on the outside, but when I peeled it off, the tropical scent spread like a sizzle.

The flavor is similar to that of an orange when tossed into the mouth like a tangerine (such as those from California), and is refreshingly sweet and easy to eat. He ate it with a gulp and the round quickly disappeared. From the outside, I thought the inside of the tree would be hollow, but it's actually full of berries. I think this is what the fruit called "Tangkang" tasted like.

After that, I got a chance to eat again. This year's Ponkan was bigger than the last one, about the size of a tennis ball. I think it was a little bland compared to the last time I had it.
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