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Kesennuma is well known to those who know it as a base for distant-sea fishing and a fishing port that boasts the largest catch of fresh bonito in Japan (17 years in a row in 2013). Even in Kesennuma, sharks are unrivaled. Shark fins, which account for a whopping 90% of the nation's catch and have been exported to China since the Meiji era, are synonymous with Kesennuma.

People in Kesennuma take advantage of the dry winter weather by drying shark fins in the sun. Everywhere you looked, you could see the black tails of sharks drying in the sun in large numbers. The shark is almost entirely made of blue shark, and while the pectoral fins are used, the lower part of the tail is the best quality.

In the old days, shark fins were a high-class food that we (rude, like me) couldn't easily eat, but nowadays, they are easily eaten by anyone.

Before I ate it, I imagined that it smelled raw or tasted strange, but when I actually ate it, I found that it had a petite gelatin-like texture and no taste of its own (I think). But when you make it into a dish, it goes well with the soup and makes it more flavorful~. I guess it depends on the soup... Well, nowadays it's popular among women because the gelatin is better for beauty than the taste, but...

A shark's fin can have eight large and eight small fins from one shark. The largest tail fin is the highest grade. In the past, it used to take three months to dry in the sun with the skin, but nowadays, technology has evolved and everything is done in the factory. There are two types of collagen in shark's fin: striated collagen that runs vertically and gel-like collagen that runs throughout the body. Also, according to the chef of a famous Chinese restaurant, shark fins have a proper taste. Local Kesennuma's recommendations include Asahi Sushi's fillet sake (1000 yen) and sushi (800 yen per piece). 2017.07

Also, the taste of shark fins is different between male and female shark fins, the female fins have finer fibers and are more sticky. Well, I don't think we'll ever have a chance to eat two of them side by side, so it's useless for us.
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