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Kisuke Gyutan
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1-7-1, Izumi Chuo, Izumi-ku, Sendai City

The Gyutan set meal consists of barley rice, tail soup, and o-shinko (a lot of green chili peppers in nanban miso).

Gyutan in Sendai is thick. After processing the sliced tongue, they let it ripen in the refrigerator for about three days and then grill it over charcoal.

Sendai Gyutan

Gyu-Tan(Grilled Beef Tongue) is usually grilled over charcoal, but that's not the case. There's something different about the thickness of the meat, too. I wonder if the preparation is different from that of the tongue.

Gyu-Tan-yaki originated in Sendai, and Keijiro Sano, the founder of "Ajitasuke", opened a shop specializing in Gyu-Tan-yaki in the center of Sendai in 1948, making its taste known throughout the country. Now there's a song by Gyutan, and behind the shinkansen station on the 3rd floor of Sendai Station, there's a new street called Gyutan Dori (and Sushi Dori), lined with famous restaurants and bustling with tourists.

I often eat at a chain restaurant called Kisuke, and this is really good. Gyutan is a restaurant with a miso (chili pepper), so it's a good idea (in my opinion) to try it with all the chili pepper you can get. Baked and juicy Gyutan is healthy and delicious. The oshinko, barley rice, and tail soup are also delicious, and these three are an exquisite collaboration. When you pour a draft beer over it, there's nothing more to say. Anyone who has a complaint, raise your hand!
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