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There are two types of oysters: iwa-gaki and ma-gaki.
・iwa-gaki: The season is summer, and there are both "wild" and "farmed" varieties that are large and juicy.
・ma-gaki: Season is winter, mostly "farmed", small and creamy

Raw Oyster

Not many people outside of Miyagi know that Miyagi Prefecture is a producer of Raw Oyster. It may be. That's because Miyagi Prefecture is the second largest producer of Raw Oyster in Japan, and not surprisingly, the second largest It's a sobering thought. Still, because raw oysters from Miyagi grow in the clean waters that connect to the open sea, they are all Raw Oyster is of high quality that can be shipped for eating raw.

Incidentally, more than 50% of raw oyster produced in Japan comes from Hiroshima, which is the largest producer of raw oyster in Japan Amount. Raw oysters in the shell are No.1 in Japan, and Iwate, with its Sanriku coastline, is the most expensive in Japan. Raw Oysters from Akasaki in Ofunato are the most expensive in Japan (2007 Tsukiji market data) (at).

Oysters, by the way, are said to grow well because of the minerals and other nutrients carried by rivers in the mountains. Oysters grow well in the inland sea of the Seto Inland Sea where many rivers flow into the bay, such as Hiroshima Bay. In the open ocean, the water is clean and shellfish poisoning is unlikely to occur. It is said to be.

Raw Oyster (well, in my case) is eaten raw, such as Raw Oyster in the shell at pubs And at home, we tend to eat fried oysters, pots and pans, and other cooked foods, and Raw Oyster is After all, fresh is good (or rather, you have to be fresh to eat it). Yes, raw Raw Oyster with a squeeze of lemon is the best! Everyone knows Raw Oyster, so I won't say anything more about it.

Oyster, even cooked fried oysters, need to be careful about what they eat. I'm not talking about Miyagi, I'm talking about Tokyo, but I once had it at a restaurant and got hit by it. If you feel strange, it's wise to stop eating.

Oh, I guess I don't have to tell you this, but you need to be careful because the supermarkets sell them separately for eating raw and for cooking.

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