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Seasons: January - March

#) Sweet potatoes are rich in vitamin C


Gorojima-Kintoki-Imo is a specialty of Ishikawa Prefecture, which is certified as a Kaga traditional vegetable. It is harvested in September-December, stored for two to three months, and then shipped, with the delicious season coming in January-March. The origin of the Gorojima-Kintoki-Imo cultivation is in the area called Gorojima on the coast of Kanazawa, and the sand dunes there were suitable for growing potatoes, so the Gorojima-Kintoki-Imo cultivation started.

By the way, it seems that sweet potatoes are less sweet when they are just harvested, but when they are stored in a hole, the starch of the sweet potato changes into sugar and becomes sweet. I see, that's what we used to do in the past at my parents' house.

When I looked at the big and thick Gorojima-Kintoki-Imo, it was definitely a sweet potato (it sounds strange to say, but it was definitely a sweet potato). When you smell it, it smells good, drifting faintly. Well, it's so hot that it's hard to get my hands on it, isn't it? In addition, it is difficult to cool down because of its thickness. I couldn't wait to try it, so I tried it on, and it tasted like a nostalgic sweet potato.

The characteristic of this potato is that it has a simple taste with little sweetness. There are many sweet potatoes these days, but I think this level of sweetness is also good. I squeezed the freshly picked ones (from September), but they might be sweeter if they were stored as I mentioned above. But if it doesn't give you heartburn, it's good too.

I heard later that sweet potatoes become tastier when heated at about 70 degrees Celsius, because of the increased sugar content.

Apparently there's a way to "eat sweet potatoes and not fart. That's because sweet potatoes are poorly digested and ferment in the intestines, which is what causes the farts. So, if you eat sweet potato skins together, the enzyme called yalapin, which is contained inside the skins, will help the digestion of sweet potatoes and make them less likely to fart. I don't have any data to verify, so I'm a little fishy, but for now.
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