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Cabernet Sauvignon (grape variety)

Yamagata Wine

Yamagata Prefecture is one of the largest grape producing regions in Japan (in 2010, the prefecture produced the third largest amount of grapes for brewing), and there are 11 wineries in the prefecture. The reason for this is that the Yamagata Basin has a large difference in temperature between the two regions, making it ideal for raising the sugar content of the grapes. Well, speaking of Yamagata, it's also called the fruit kingdom of cherries and Lafrance, but...

It's hard to describe the taste of wine. The author is a beer connoisseur and doesn't much like wine. One day, I bought a bottle of wine for 1,500 yen that was sold as a "recommendation" at a tourist center in Takahata-cho, Yamagata Prefecture. It was labeled "Syuhide, Red, Yoneori Kango Center Limited Brew". No, it might be a cheap wine from the point of view of a wine connoisseur, but most of the wines on sale were around 1,000 yen, and among them, 1,500 yen was a little more than enough to stand out.

I poured it into a glass and smelled it, and it smelled just like wine. Then, in the mouth, it has a refreshing sourness to it. It also has a lot of bitterness, but I think it's the kind of taste that Japanese people, well, beginners like. Mmm, maybe it's good. In the past, I tried to buy some foreign-made ones, but they were too astringent and quirky for me to drink. Japanese wine is really good.

Incidentally, there are many cheap and tasty wines from foreign countries nowadays, perhaps because they choose and order wines that suit the Japanese. I've already mentioned that foreign products are not allowed, so let's take a look at the recent trends... 2018
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