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* It is harvested from July to November and is in season from September to November (some before and after).

* No additional ripening is required.

Dragon Fruit

The Dragon Fruit is a triangular cactus with a spiny stalk (apparently not a leaf) that bears a popping fruit.
茎に成るDragon FruitDragon Fruit, which has a stem, is said to be both delicious and bad. I was wondering which one it was. Apparently, the fruits around July are not as tasty as the flying ones, but the ripe fruits after summer are sweeter and tastier. Well, it's only July now that I bought it.

The fruit is brightly colored, almost like a flower, and has a faint floral scent, making it seem very un-fruitful. To tell you the truth, it's common sense that this kind of egregious stuff is either poisonous or just a pretense that you can't eat it in Japan (mainland). It's a little bigger than a softball, and I'm at a loss as to how to eat it when I'm handed one of these.

It was bright purple inside, with sesame-like black seeds dotted in it. It's so beautiful that just looking at it makes me happy. However, the smell is still a blue-smelling sensation, and if you touch it with your hand, your hand turns purple~. As you can see, the skin is thin.

If you stop the "Gotaku" line and scoop it up with a spoon, the hardness, feel, and taste of it will be just like a kiwi fruit. I hadn't heard very good reviews, but this is surprisingly good, not even a manzara. It's delicious when it's chilled, and the seeds are a bit popping.

Dragon Fruit used to have purple inside (slightly sweet) and white inside (refreshing), but nowadays, pink (sweet and nettly) and yellow varieties are coming out due to the improvement of the breed.

Recently via Hawaii, Dragon Fruit by the name of Pitaya has started to catch on again in Japan (2017). Apparently, it's mainly cooked as a dessert rather than eaten as is.
Native to Central and South America, its English name is pitaya and its Japanese name is Dragon Fruit.

In fact, this Dragon Fruit, like the moonlight beauty, is a rare plant that produces beautiful flowers for one night only. I've heard that both Tsukishibijin and this Dragon Fruit are cacti that bear similar fruits.
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