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Harvest Season: In Okinawa, from July to October (long harvest season)

Passion Fruit

What is Passion Fruit? Its passionate name draws people in, but what exactly is it? So, Passion Fruit is something I've reviewed before in Juice (I deleted it). I couldn't resist the urge to try it, so I went to eat the fruit.

By the way, although Passion Fruit was born in the tropics, it is resistant to cold. So, it seems to be able to be grown in the Tohoku region too. So, if it becomes more and more popular, it will be grown all over the place, just like bitter melon! ~.

Now, when you cut the egg-sized, purple fruit into rounds, what comes out of the fruit is The seeds are yellow and jelly-like. And the smell is also tropical, I can't describe it in words other than that. If I had to choose, I'd say the smell that comes to mind is that of mixed juice.

And if you scoop up the yellow part of the fruit with a spoon, you'll find that it's sour. It was so strong and stimulating that I couldn't help but close my eyes. It's like a shikitari that you swallow the seeds without biting them.

The sweet aroma before eating it and the sourness afterwards, the gap between the two is very nice. It's quite interesting. It depends on the size of it, but I think it's just fine for one person to eat half of it. I got carried away and tried to put my hand on the skin, but this was no good.

A few years later, I was looking at an article on Passion Fruit, and it said, "The skin is wrinkled as it matures. It's ready to eat when it's ready. Shocking!
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