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Soba-Dokoro Uchina-Ya
3-12-14 Tomari, Naha City, Okinawa


The Okinawan specialty "Soki-Soba" seems to be a courtly dish "Okinawa soba" topped with soki (pork belly meat). Hi, I'm not sure, so let's try it. If you eat it, you will understand something.

Incidentally, Okinawa soba is made by kneading flour in "brine" (alkaline water), just like ramen, so-called Chinese noodles. In Okinawa, there is still a shop that makes Okinawa soba (buckwheat noodles) using "Kansui", which is made from the lye of Kamado. One more thing, I heard that Miyako-soba, a traditional Miyako Island dish, has the ingredients hidden under the noodles.

When I took a sip of the soup, the buckwheat noodles came out with a refreshing salty taste and refreshing pork abalone. And I think this abra isn't just back fat, it's more like the abra around it with the cartilage as the main ingredient. Then, this was unexpectedly delicious.

The noodles are quite thick and slightly wavy Chinese noodles with a taste of ramen and a texture of udon. And on top of that is a small onion, red ginger, and the main soki. This soki is like pork belly, half of which is meat and half is cartilage. When I looked closely, it looked like it had been seasoned and cooked, and the cartilage was almost gelatinous in texture.

When I added a little bit of the "island green pepper" that was placed in front of me, the flavor became indescribably deep, and it was even better. A simple salty taste is transformed into a wide variety of flavors. This is good.

Soki-Soba is also a profound food, isn't it? So, just like ramen, there must be a lot of differences between shops...
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