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Mainly produced in the southern part of West Mikawa, Aichi, Japan

It is shipped from mid-September to early November, about a month earlier than Tomari-Kaki and Jiro-Kaki.


The name "Fudegaki" is easy to understand, and everyone can see the shape of it and say, "I see". If you look closely, you can sometimes see this Fudegaki (similar to persimmon). I guess it's Fudegaki after all... Fudegaki is also known as "chimpo-kaki" (which is a little hard to say out loud).

It is said that this persimmon is an imperfect sweet persimmon, a sweet and astringent persimmon on one tree together. In the southern part of West Mikawa, Aichi Prefecture, the climate is more favorable, so it is more likely to turn into sweet persimmon. However, even so, about 20% of the persimmons turn into astringent persimmons, and they don't want to be scolded for being astringent, so they now use alcohol to remove all the astringency.

The glossy, egg-shaped or brush-shaped Fudegaki is like an artistic object, a gem that makes you want to keep it on display for a while. If you're a painter, you'll want to paint...

After looking at it for a while, I had no choice but to cut the persimmon, and there were more brown sesame seeds than I expected. Hmmm, this is the characteristic of sweet persimmon. Hahahaha, it's too wonderful. When I tried it, it was crispy and, depending on how ripe it was, it was surprisingly hard. It reminds me of the sweet persimmon I used to eat from a persimmon tree at home. I think it's a little early, but not so sweet.

The seeds look just like "Kaki-pea", a candy. Hmm, I guess it will become sweeter if I wait a little longer. There's no way it can exist in our house until then, though.
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