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Kagoshima's Sweets Karukan-Manjuu
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1-8, Kokubu Noguchi-higashi, Kirishima City, Kagoshima, Japan

Category: Steamed confectionery
Product Name: Karukan-Manjuu
Raw Materials: Sugar, yams, rice flour, red beans, egg white

This is a traditional confectionery in Kagoshima which is also called "Tono-sama confectionery". Steam yam, Karukan flour (rice flour) and sugar together.


Satsuma's specialty "Karukan" is a very popular sweets in Kagoshima, and there are many manufacturers who make "Karukan". What's more, the ingredient, "Karukan powder" (*1), is also sold. Apparently, "Karukan" was originally a stick-shaped thing like yokan (sweet jelly), and then a manju with anko and other ingredients appeared. Also, there are still sticks of "Karukan" for sale today, and I hear that I love the pure flavor of the "Karukan".

The idea of using rice flour and yam as ingredients, mixing and steaming them is wonderful. Later on, I heard that in Kyushu, people often use yams as a starter for cooking.

*1´╝ÜKarukan flour is dried urukchi rice, which is a little coarser than Kamishin flour.

I was a little disappointed by the simple, open-ended packaging that revealed its contents. Well, maybe it's because they are so familiar with it. Karukan is a white sponge dough manjuu, and the anko inside looks like a normal strainer. The dough feels like a sponge cake or a steamed bread. When I sniffed it, it smelled a little bit like yam.

When I tried it, it tasted like nothing I'd ever had before. I wonder which is better, which is not so good, and which is not so good. It's the least sweet taste among the buns I've ever eaten, it's an adult taste. Hmmm, but it's also a memorable taste. This must be the local taste of soul food.
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