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1 whole baumkuchen
Mount Balm 2 pcs.
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1-33-2 Asagaya Minami, Suginami-ku, Tokyo, Japan

Straight balm Yawaraka-me:
eggs, sugar, wheat flour, shortening, starch, vegetable oils and fats, natural cheese, foods made from milk or other ingredients, butter, reducing syrup, rice wine, oligosaccharide, salt, skimmed milk powder, agar, emulsifier (from soybeans), trehalose, flavouring, expander, stabilizer (cellulose), seasoning (inorganic salt), phosphate (Na), carotene colouring, (including orange).

Best-Before Date: 6 to 9 days (4 to 5 days longer for refrigerated products)

Nenrinya's Baumkuchen

In 2007, Nenrinya's Baumkuche opened in a department store, and before long The company's signature product, Baumkuchen, has established itself and is now known in its hometown of Tokyo as Nenrinya" has grown to become a household name. They were ranked high in the 2012 Tokyo Souvenir Ranking of "Things You Can Only Buy in Tokyo" and did very well. (Sighs) What? I found out that grapestone, the same company that makes Tokyo Banana, makes this product? Hmmm, I see, and there's a strange odyssey.

What makes people happy is how beautiful they look and how delicious they feel when they open the box!

(1) Mount Balm Shikkari-me (French bread with mango orange flavor)

The Mount Balm, which has a slight orange tinge, is harder and firmer than it looks when pushed by hand. He pushed his finger back. I think the smell is orangey and tropical mango smell! And there was a white sugar coating on the outer mountainous terrain, which is a bit of a dieting person. It feels dazzling.

When you eat it, the outer coating makes a crunching sound in your mouth, and you can quietly feel the inner dough The mango taste came in a jiffy. Mmm? When you bite with your teeth, it's surprisingly soft. Yes, I see, this is good!

(2) Straight Balm Yawaraka-me (Baumkuchen sponge cake)

The silky, supple, straight balm smelled slightly sweet. When I tried it, it was surprisingly rich. The brown outer skin was still coated with sweet sugar, which seemed to give it a richness. And the fine annual rings give it a luxurious feel. How could it not be good?
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